Tone policing

Arguments appealing to “Tone policing” are frequently used to defend sexist, cisexist, racist, and homophobic behavior on tumblr.

Intersectionality is just a word to y’all.

Accusing someone of tone policing when their argument is substantive is so damn lazy. You can’t just say anything you want and accuse everybody who critiques you of trying to police your tone. Your shitty argument and your bad opinions are not “tones.” Stop it because tone policing is actually a bad thing and you shouldn’t use the phrase in situations where it doesn’t apply. 

Actually I am really angry about people using the struggles that POC and other oppressed groups have gone through to try and gain a monopoly on every discussion on tumblr. Those struggles aren’t rhetorical tools used for polemics and using them for that is disgusting. If you tell me that I have to be okay with people using “tone policing” to justify awful behavior or bad opinions then you are trying to police my tone you racist fascist. 

Lets reserve “tone policing” for when people say things like “maybe you should be nicer” and you know actually try to police your tone instead of just appealing to it because you’re dumb and/or lazy.  

Being a victim of oppressive institutions does not give anybody an “I can say anything I want and its justified” card. My brown skin would not make it okay for me to be a sexist. Ryking’s homosexuality does not make it okay for him to be a sexist. White females don’t get a pass on their racism because they are women living in a patriarchy. It’s not okay for the LGB community to be cisexist because of their experiences with oppression. etc. 

If you respond to this with “you are tone policing” then you are literally the embodiment of stupidity.

1 June 2012 ·

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